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Music Paper
A4 / Letter for print and use

Music Paper Music Paper Music Paper Music Paper Music Paper Music Paper
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Why is this the best and most popular music paper on the Internet?

It would seem that there is nothing easier than drawing rulers on a canvas and turning it into a PDF file. However, as is often the case, the secret is in the details. How thick should the lines be? What is the distance between them? And between the five-lines? Should the margins on the edges of the paper be larger or smaller? Same or different? In what ratio? Finally, how should all this change when changing orientation, or if more staves need to be accommodated?

This music paper is based on a special mathematical model. It defines all geometric proportions at any scale and any orientation of A4 & Letter paper. Deriving the ideal constants for this model helped many years of experience with music notebooks, analysis of all possible use cases, features of visual perception and the capabilities of modern printers.

The author deliberately did not create an endless list of varieties of music sheets with keys and groupings, but reduced everything to six basic types. This is exactly what you will need for the vast majority of your tasks, and you are certainly able to apply the keys yourself. Also, an important feature is the absence of any advertising inscriptions.

Don’t be inconvenienced! Use the best music paper for your creativity!